Wilde Realms Larp

Welcome to Wilde Realms 


Welcome to Wilde Realms Larp. A Live Action Roleplay system based in Kent, South East of England.

Wilde Realms is an Dark Fantasy LARP system, playing weekend long immersive events with a dedicated Crew and Ref team, set in a world ablaze in the aftermath of a great convergence, where the Mortal Realm and the Wilde Realm have collided! Great and terrible creatures have spilled across the land bringing new threats and dangers, but also opportunities. Many of the worlds nations have banded together and formed expedition of hero's that seek to make the best of this land of opportunity, or to safeguard the realm and it's inhabitants.

Will you answer the call, and join them?

2024 Event Dates:

Winter Social - A Welcome Respite - 10-11th February
Event 1 - A Promise Kept - 12th-14th of April
Event 2 - The Right Way Out - 14th-16th of June
Event 3 - Sheep in Wolves Clothing - 9th-11th of August
Event 4 - No Turning Back - 13th-15th of September

All mainline events taking place at Rosswood Scout camp New Rd, Herne Bay CT6 7GJ
Winter Social takes place at Hope Hill Campsite, Meopham, Gravesend DA13 0QJ

Dive into the world of Wilde Realms

"Over the past seven years, among many shifts and changes, reports have in some places been alarming. Stories now speak of small towns and villages calling for aid that may simply be gone when anyone comes to investigate. And as disappearances plague the Mortal Realm, so too do appearances, the folk speak of strange objects and sounds in the forests and scholars report fluctuations of distortive magics that seem to bubble and swell in influenced areas, sometimes causing madness. What is worse than Farmers stories by a league are the Horrors. The name the common folk have ascribed to the Bogeymen of Fables made real, as Horrors, monsters and nightmares in physical form have begun to roam the long roads, and to stalk the great passages of ocean between Kingdoms. 

It is said by those who frequent the courts of the realm that Fey nobles have begun to visit, looking to expand their political influence and seek advancement to their unknowable agendas. These houses include the regal Kesho Imperium, Martial House Myrmidos, The scholarly Phaerak Dynasty and noble House Valdez. Not much is known about these Houses, but one thing is certain; They all have their own motivations and objectives. 

All eyes will be on the expedition, to see what decisions they make and what alliances they form. No matter what, the coming events and trials will be perilous and test the core of those brave souls who step up to explore the new unknown. 

Just remember, in the vast worlds of Wilde Realms, you are only mortal."

Our events are geared towards adults, and we have an 18+ policy to ensure we can run the kind of Horror and Dark Fantasy we like to produce for you!